Update: ClockLab Remote Monitor

ClockLab Remote Monitor will now monitor your ClockLab computer and send you a text or email if the program or the computer stops stops functioning.

FreezeFrame 4: supports optogenetics, electrophysiology, stimulation and perfusion

FreezeFrame 4 now supports optogenetics, electrophysiology, stimulation and perfusion:

A new algorithm screens out motion of the cable or fiber optic that can occur even when the animal is perfectly still.

The FreezeFrame USB interface can now generate pulsing stimuli as short as 1 ms at rates of up to 500/sec.

Analgesia Products

Now offering Analgesia Products:

  • Plantar Analgesia Meter
  • Incremental Hot/Cold Plate
  • Hot Plate Analgesia Meter
  • Tail Flick Analgesia Meter
  • Incapacitance Meter
  • Electronic von Frey
  • Paw Pressure Apparatus
  • Plethysmometer Paw Volume Meter

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