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Actimetrics make automated systems for animal behavioral testing, they emphasize ease of use and the application of modern signal and image processing techniques to current problems in neuroscience. Dozens of features designed for high thoughput data collection and analysis benefit large and small users alike.

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Innovassynth Technologies

Experience in a wide range of products and reactions involving special skill sets;
Also experience in handling hazardous and toxic reagents safely.

The skill sets also include :

  • milligram to kilo scale handling,
  • insight in various reactions and work ups
  • expertise in column chromatography technique,
  • identification of chemical structures using modern spectroscopy techniques, etc

Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd has a full-fledged plant facility for scale up and manufacture of the products on a large scale:

  • Different size reactors in glass-lined and stainless steel of capacities ranging from 160 lit to 3000 lit.
  • Specially designed co-evaporation systems
  • Other supporting equipment like filters, dryers, etc.
  • Specialized equipment such as foaming reactor, liquid-liquid extraction column.
  • A whole range of chromatography columns for separation.
  • The facility is equipped with dedicated infrastructure of utilities, which includes steam, chilled brine (-40° C), de-mineralised water, high vacuum systems among other normal utilities.
  • Hydrogenation on a pilot scale: SS autoclaves of 50 and 250 litres capacity operating at up to 30 bar pressure and in the -20 to 170 °C temperature range.

Special process capabilities: side chain photochlorination, cyanations, halogenations (aliphatic/aromatic), reactions with phosphorous, halides, catalytic hydrogenations (up to 30 bar & 170 °C), Grignard reactions, Friedel-Crafts reactions, Wittig-Horner reactions, metal / ammonia reductions, boron chemistry, Organomettalic reactions, oxidations and Reductions using various reagents and catalysts.

Antisense process capabilities: 5’-O-Acylations, N4- and N6-Acylations, 2’-O-protection with Alkyl and and Silyl groups, 5-Halogenations of deoxy U, Scale–up capabilities.

Product types: 2’-O-Alkyl / Silyl Nucleosides, protected Deoxys, Succinates, Anhydro Nucleosides, Phosphoramidites of DNA, RNA and modified protected Nucleosides

Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd

Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd. (formerly known as the Chemicals Division of Indian Organic Chemicals Ltd.) was incorporated on 1st August 2002. It is a part of the well-known business group involved in activities like polyester fibre, polymers, pre-forms, and computer software among others.

The company caters to the needs of customers in the area of ‘knowledge based R & D services’ which include:

  • Contract R & D
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Contract Manufacture

Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 Company and offers:

R & D based services in specialty chemicals and intermediates with its :

  • highly knowledge-based, empowered man-power resource
  • exclusive infrastructure from lab to production plant
  • scope for expansion

Innovassynth offers the services mainly in the following fields

  • Pharma intermediates (both for Drug discovery program and for Generic drugs)
  • Protected Nucleosides and Amidites for therapeutic as well as non-therapeutic applications
  • Intermediates for Perfumery, Flavour & fragrance products
  • Specialty and fine chemicals
  • Neutraceuticals (Herbal based)

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