Win XP Obsolete after 2018

Systems running on Windows XP systems will no longer be supported after 2018.  Contact us to get a quote to upgrade your system. sales@sandiegoinstruments.com

We are sorry to say but do to technology advancements we will no longer support any XP or older systems. Windows stopped supporting XP in 2014 and some IT departments are requiring the removal of such computers.

So what does that mean:
San Diego Instruments will no longer trouble shoot systems running on XP, keep in archives old manuals, nor provide replacement installation disks for any software that runs on XP.

Also, any PCI Interface cards (found in our older SR-Labs) will no longer be sold as the manufacturer is no longer producing them after September of 2018. If you have one, hold onto it!

Please call us or email us to discuss options below. 858-530-2600 or sales@sandiegoinstruments.com

Options moving forward

Upgrade your current system to operate on Windows 10

  • Purchase a complete PCI to USB upgrade to include control box and new software.
  • Remove your PCI card from the XP computer and find a computer with a PCI card slot and purchase new software from SDI.

**Some older systems may not be able to upgrade to USB do to age of the system. GEM-233 and lower; SRC-00339 and lower***

Software that will be supported after 2018 are listed below for each system

  • SR-LAB 6300-0000-N or later
  • PAS 6300-0101-A
  • GEMINI 6300-0202-P
  • ROTOR ROD 6300-0400-H
  • GRIP STRENGTH 6300-0600-D
  • ROTOMETER 6300-0300-C

If you are not sure your version, or don’t see your product listed, contact us with your systems serial number and we will be happy to help.