ClockLab - Data Collection and Analysis for Circadian Biology

Does it take you longer than 30 seconds to measure phase shifts? If so, ClockLab, the industry standard for the collection and analysis of circadian activity data, can help. It combines a point-and-click interface with state-of-the-art algorithms. Embedded controls turn each graph into a powerful interactive tool for data analysis. Our users enjoy ClockLab’s speed and convenience. ClockLab’s Analysis program has been applied to mice, hamsters, rats, sheep, Drosophila, humans, bees, ants, algae, Eurasian lynx, grizzly and polar bears in the wild, Alaskan squirrels in the wild, gopher turtles in the wild, horseshoe crabs, tuco-tucos, molluscs, mosquitoes, and soil chemistry signals from the Mars Viking Lander.

ClockLab consists of three independent xsoftware applications: the Data Collection program, the Analysis program, and the Chamber Control program.

ClockLab Analysis 6 is a new, stand-alone program that does not require Matlab to run. The interface has been updated to include many new features, and new analyses have been added.

  • Automated detection of activity onsets for period estimation
  • Activity Profile with Least Squares sine-wave fit, F statistics and p-value estimation (Cosinor).
  • Periodogram: Chi-squared, F, and Lomb-Scargle
  • FFT and Wavelet Analyses
  • Bout analysis
  • Click-and-Drag over actogram for easy navigation through long records.
  • Phase shift measurements from detected onsets
  • Non-Parametric Circadian Rhythm Analysis (NPCRA)Non-Parametric Circadian Rhythm Analysis (NPCRA)
  • Batch Export analyses for multiple files either to spreadsheet files or directly to Excel
  • Batch print graphs for multiple files, either 1 to a page or multiple graphs to a page
  • Access data in multiple formats, including ClockLab, Actiwatch, Dataquest, Minimitter, Trikinetics and many others
  • Windows and Macintosh compatible
  • Actogram plot colors and styles can be set by the user
  • Context Help: Hover over a control to display text regarding its use
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common functions (Open, Next File, Previous File, etc.)

ClockLab Data Collection incorporates a large array of features at reasonable cost:

  • Up to 448 channels on a desktop or laptop computer
  • USB interface for straightforward setup
  • Integrated light control with configurable schedules
  • Light recording
  • High-density switch connections
  • Remote data access via internet
  • Record switches, motion detectors, or any digital signal

ClockLab Performance Monitor. ClockLab can send status messages to the Actimetrics servers at regular intervals. If problems develop with the ClockLab computer, the program itself, the interface hardware, or if any animals become inactive, the server will notify designated users by text or email within 20 minutes. Contact Actimetrics for details.

ClockLab Chamber Control is the software interface for light-tight circadian cabinets from Phenome Technologies.

  • Light control with continuously adjustable level, waveform and period
  • Temperature control with continuously adjustable level, waveform and period
  • Feeder control with user-settable schedules for Phenome Technologies’ programmable pellet feeders
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity and light levels. Light levels can be overlayed on actograms.
  • Send email alerts when temperature or other parameters exceed settable limits

Hardware for Circadian Experiments. Actimetrics now provides complete hardware systems from Phenome Technologies for circadian experiments. Each component is integrated with  ClockLab software.

  • Circadian cabinets. Light-tight, fully ventilated to meet Federal standards, integrated programmable LED lighting, sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity and light, and optional temperature control.
  • Cages with integrated running wheels.
  • Click-less infrared sensors for running wheels
  • Breakout boxes for connecting running-wheel cages to the ClockLab USB interface
  • Infrared motion sensors
  • Programmable pellet feeders designed to fit into the Circadian Cabinets

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