ClockLab Analysis Version 6

ClockLab Analysis Version 6 is a major upgrade. This version is now a stand-alone application that no longer requires Matlab. The  interface has been revised to make it even faster and more convenient to use, and new analyses have been added. Download the Demo version.

  • Automated detection of activity onsets for period estimation
  • Activity Profile with Least Squares sine-wave fit, F statistics and p-value estimation (Cosinor).
  • Periodogram: Chi-squared, F, and Lomb-Scargle
  • FFT and Wavelet Analyses
  • Bout analysis
  • Click-and-Drag over actogram for easy navigation through long records.
  • Phase shift measurements from detected onsets
  • Non-Parametric Circadian Rhythm Analysis (NPCRA)
  • Batch Export analyses for multiple files either to spreadsheet files or directly to Excel
  • Batch print graphs for multiple files, either 1 to a page or multiple graphs to a page
  • Access data in multiple formats, including ClockLab, Actiwatch, Dataquest, Minimitter, Trikinetics and many others
  • Windows and Macintosh compatible
  • Actogram plot colors and styles can be set by the user
  • Context Help: Hover over a control to display text regarding its use
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common functions (Open, Next File, Previous File, etc.)