FreezeFrame 4: supports optogenetics, electrophysiology, stimulation and perfusion

FreezeFrame 4 now supports optogenetics, electrophysiology, stimulation and perfusion:

A new algorithm screens out motion of the cable or fiber optic that can occur even when the animal is perfectly still.

The FreezeFrame USB interface can now generate pulsing stimuli as short as 1 ms at rates of up to 500/sec.

Analgesia Products

Now offering Analgesia Products:

  • Plantar Analgesia Meter
  • Incremental Hot/Cold Plate
  • Hot Plate Analgesia Meter
  • Tail Flick Analgesia Meter
  • Incapacitance Meter
  • Electronic von Frey
  • Paw Pressure Apparatus
  • Plethysmometer Paw Volume Meter

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David Kopf Instruments – Stereotaxic Instruments, Adaptors (Animal), Micropositioners, Spinal, Drills [Catalog, Bilaney UK – 2013] – PDF

David Kopf Instruments has compiled an easy to read condensed catalog to provide our customers with an outline of the various products we manufacture. We encourage customers to contact our customer service for assistance in assembling a stereotaxic instrumentation package. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to identify which stereotaxic frame set-up, animal adaptor(s) and surgical tools are needed to fulfill your research requirements. For complete product information and specifications please visit

David Kopf Instruments PDF icon_pdf

iWorx Serial Interface

S-IXSI: iWorx Serial Interface Software for sending serial messages to Labscribe

Experiment builders, such as DirectRT, EPrime, OpenSesame as well as other softwares have the ability to send a message on the serial port. S-IXSI serial Interface software can be used to listen on the serial port and send messages to LabScribe about events that are happening on the serial port. This can be used to communicate to Labscribe when a particular image or video is played by the experiment builder.