Innovassynth Technologies

Experience in a wide range of products and reactions involving special skill sets;
Also experience in handling hazardous and toxic reagents safely.

The skill sets also include :

  • milligram to kilo scale handling,
  • insight in various reactions and work ups
  • expertise in column chromatography technique,
  • identification of chemical structures using modern spectroscopy techniques, etc

Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd has a full-fledged plant facility for scale up and manufacture of the products on a large scale:

  • Different size reactors in glass-lined and stainless steel of capacities ranging from 160 lit to 3000 lit.
  • Specially designed co-evaporation systems
  • Other supporting equipment like filters, dryers, etc.
  • Specialized equipment such as foaming reactor, liquid-liquid extraction column.
  • A whole range of chromatography columns for separation.
  • The facility is equipped with dedicated infrastructure of utilities, which includes steam, chilled brine (-40° C), de-mineralised water, high vacuum systems among other normal utilities.
  • Hydrogenation on a pilot scale: SS autoclaves of 50 and 250 litres capacity operating at up to 30 bar pressure and in the -20 to 170 °C temperature range.

Special process capabilities: side chain photochlorination, cyanations, halogenations (aliphatic/aromatic), reactions with phosphorous, halides, catalytic hydrogenations (up to 30 bar & 170 °C), Grignard reactions, Friedel-Crafts reactions, Wittig-Horner reactions, metal / ammonia reductions, boron chemistry, Organomettalic reactions, oxidations and Reductions using various reagents and catalysts.

Antisense process capabilities: 5’-O-Acylations, N4- and N6-Acylations, 2’-O-protection with Alkyl and and Silyl groups, 5-Halogenations of deoxy U, Scale–up capabilities.

Product types: 2’-O-Alkyl / Silyl Nucleosides, protected Deoxys, Succinates, Anhydro Nucleosides, Phosphoramidites of DNA, RNA and modified protected Nucleosides