Angle Calibrator, A/P Zeroing Bar & Manipulator Stands (1449, 1749, 1450, 1750, 1455, 1755)

Kopf Manipulator Stand provides a convenient place to store manipulators when they are not in use. Unit consist of a 10″ long square aluminum bar fitted to a 5″ x 10″ aluminum base plate.

Kopf Calibrated A/P Zeroing Bar allows electrodes to be set while the animal is in the stereotaxic instrument. It consists of a stainless steel A/P bar (10″) with 100 mm of calibration on each side of zero, mounted on an aluminum base plate (5″ x 10″). Also mounted to the base plate is a locating pin which coincides to A/P, lateral and vertical zero on the stereotaxic frame. By setting electrodes to the point of the pin (ear bar zero) with a manipulator and establishing coordinates, dimensions may be accurately transferred to the calibrated A/P bar of the stereotaxic instrument.

Kopf Electrode Angle Calibrator provides a quick and reliable method for accurate stereotaxic placement of electrodes at any angle, including right and compound angles. To use the calibrator, A/P, lateral and vertical coordinates are determined, the angle is selected and the lateral slide is moved to the proper coordinate. The manipulator is placed on the A/P bar; the selected angle is set, the manipulator is then adjusted until the electrode tip is at the proper coordinate on the vertical scale.

The lateral slide has a 0.1 mm vernier attached to a moveable slide block. When the block is set at zero, the zeroing point of the slide is at ear bar zero. Unit consists of a stainless steel A/P bar (10″ long) with 100 mm of calibration on each side of zero, mounted on an aluminum base plate (5″ x 10″), lateral slide and a rotational vertical post mounted on a zeroing point.

By removing the rotational vertical post and setting the lateral slide block at zero, the angle calibrator can also be used as an A/P zeroing bar.

Model 1400 series is used with the 1460 & 1760-SB series manipulators (18.70 mm A/P bar).

Model 1700 series is used with the 1760 & 1460-LB series manipulators (21.65 mm A/P bar).