Universal Clamp, Angle Calibrator & Removable Zero Point for small animal 900 series frames (Models 925, 935, & 950)

odel 925 Universal Clamp & Stand Post

Universal Clamp & Stand Post

Model 925 Universal Clamp & Stand Post is required for cats, rabbits, pigeons, monkeys and other large animals. It allows the 900 series frame to be raised, lowered and rotated 360°. Vertical Post 1” dia. And is 10” in length, the bottom of shaft is machined to ¾” diameter for compatibility with Model 1210 and 1211.  Model 1210 Base Plate (Table Mount) 4¾”  x 3¾”, includes mounting plug, screw, tee handle, washer, post and Allen wrench is included.  Model 1725 Universal Clamp and Stand Post is compatible for use with 1711 and 1712 Base Plates.

Model 935 Electrode Angle Calibrator

Electrode Angle Calibrator

Model 935 Electrode Angle Calibrator provides a quick and reliable method for accurate stereotaxic placement of electrodes at any angle; including right and compound angles. Adapted exclusively for use with the 900 series stereotaxic.

Model 950 Removable Zero Point

Removable Zero Point

Model 950 Removable Zero Point allows electrodes to be set while the animal is in the instrument. The vertical distance of this zero point is 30 mm above ear bar zero. Designed exclusively for the 900 series stereotaxics.