Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd: Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing concept is to use one firm’s capacity, capability or favourable location to process the goods of another company. Implementation of a toll manufacturing strategy allows both companies to focus on and contribute their core strengths. In today’s complex business environment, innovation and collaboration with our manufacturing industry customers is essential to remain competitive and provide value to customers. Innovassynth technologies have the toll manufacturing expertise to provide complete, cost effective tolling services. Current project include manufacture of a specialty intermediate in collaboration with BASF.

Our toll manufacturing approach provides unique services for customers in need of multi-step synthesis. We can provide laboratory research and feasibility analysis, process development, and multi-tiered scale up from pilot to commercial quantities. Projects are typically conducted under confidentiality agreements to protect customer intellectual property. Project pricing depends on the nature and scope of work. Innovassynth technologies have huge land available and ample scope for expansion of toll manufacturing activity.