iWorx – Neurobiology

iWorx offers 7 experiments and 28 exercises for animal neurobiologyteaching and all of the components you need to conduct a comprehensivelab course using both extracellular and intracellular recordingtechniques to demonstrate important characteristics of excitable tissue.

The Neurobiology teaching kit includes everything you need to conduct a variety of lab experiments including: membrane potentials and how they develop; action potentials and how they develop and propagate; synapses, transmitters, and receptors, and how they work; neurons in the central nervous system, and how they control specific cells and functions; Motor neurons and how they control or effect organs; and, sensory receptors
and how they provide information to the central nervous system.

Many other experiments, on a wide variety of excitable tissue, can be performed with the iWorx Neurobiology Teaching Kit because the components included in the kit are versatile devices commonly used in research and teaching laboratories.