3-lead isolated ECG Recording Cable, requires DIN input


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3-lead isolated Biopotential recording preamplifier for use with iWorx Amplifiers and Recorders with DIN input.

The C-ISO-256 is ideal for recording ECG, EMG, EOG etc from human and animal subjects.

Some popular compatible Amplifiers include:

  • ETH-256 Combination Bridge and ECG/EMG/EEG
  • IA-400D 4 Channel Signal Conditioner

Note: replaces C-ISO-255 and C-ISO-104.

C-ISO-256 Specifications
Gain X400
High Pass Filter 0.05 Hz
Low Pass Filter 25 Hz, or 2500 Hz selectable
Amplifier Connector ┬▒DIN 8
Signal Connectors (3) DIN 42-802 Type ST

Manual: C-ISO-256