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Animal enclosures are designed to locate the subject without using
restraint so the animals do not suffer from restraint stress and
confound the results of the startle testing. The animal is free to
turn around and make other movements. The SR-LAB enclosures
are configured to focus the source of stimuli on the animal’s
center line assuring the level of the stimuli is consistent. The
SR-LAB cylindrical animal enclosure monitors animal movements
with a closely coupled accelerometer sensor. The tubular design of
the animal enclosure ensures that the animal remains centered
over the sensor for consistently reliable results. Other systems
with a square animal enclosure permit the animal to be off-center
which affects the consistency of the response. The enclosures are
made of transparent acrylic for easy cleaning and convenient
observation. All enclosures are adjustable in length and come in
five different sizes to accommodate adult and juvenile rats and
mice— Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Large and X-Large. Also
available are slotted enclosures for tethered animals in the same
sizes except Small.