Animal Stimulator


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The SDI Animal Stimulator can be used for conditioning prior to testing. Use the Animal Stimulator wherever pairing of light and shock and/or sound and shock are required.

  • Stimulus scripts are reusable
  • Light Stimulus is a six LED unit providing very bright light with no heat
  • Sound Stimulus is driven by the sound card in the PC
  • Selection of a single frequency sound or white noise
  • Speaker Frequency range is 4 kHz to 30 kHz
  • Constant current feedback controlled shocker with eight random outputs
  • Single control box contains shocker, sound and light controls and a USB interface
  • Enclosure with grid floor and mounting for light and sound stimuli

There are three stimuli: light, sound and shock. In addition, there is an auxiliary connection that allows you to connect your own device. The LED light unit provides very bright light with no heat. The sound is controlled by the computer sound card allowing flexibility in sound selection and amplitude. The shocker is a solid state unit providing constant current shock to the grid in a random pattern via eight outputs.

The integrated software provides a simple point and click interface to develop reusable scripts that control the order of stimulus presentation as well as the duration of each stimulus. The integrated software also has a simple interface to select the desired sound, white noise or single frequency. The amplitude of the sound is also set from the software. The Animal Stimulator is connected to a computer via USB.

Animal Stimulator Components:

  • Acrylic test enclosure
  • Mount with LED light and speaker
  • Stainless steel grid shock floor
  • Control Unit with constant current shocker and USB interface software
Outside Dimensions Control Unit

10″ W x 10″ D x 4″ H

Control Unit Weight

4.5 lbs.

Outside Dimensions Enclosure

10″ W x 10″ D x 9 3/4″ H

Inside Dimensions Enclosure

10″ W x 10″ D x 7 1/2″ H

Enclosure Weight

5 lbs.

Material Composition

Control Box: ABS Plastic
Enclosure: Acrylic

Standard Cable Length

6 ft.



Stimuli Options

Sound, light, shock