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Our feeder design is simple and robust, works well with existing computers, and cost effective. We use a well known and robust commication standard that minimizes wiring in the room, and configure the network so that minimial interruption occurs within the room.

Dual Feeder with Cages

Our standard feeder is a dual design, that is two cages can fit within a single feeder cradle. The pellets are from Bio-Serve and are 300mg size (We are working on different sizing .). We have built feeders for Tecniplast cages 1144B, 1284L, and GMX500.
GMX500 Cage with Feeder
Feeders can be modified to accomodate various caging. For the GMX500 caging with a filter top, the feeder was modified to drop pellets through a modified lid into the food bin at the back of the cage.
Adding Pellets to Feeder
The original feeder required a design that used existing cabinetry and caging while keeping costs to a minimum. To overcome some of the limitation, we make a simple loading plate so that the pellets can roll into the hopper.
In this screen grab, Actimetrics software is displaying the feeding activity of the mice. Each pellet taken by the mouse is represented on the graph as a single white dot over the timeline. Each line of dots represents a single cage. Click the link for more information.
Feeders Ready for Cages
We have designed the feeder to cradle the cage within the cabinet. Cages slide easily into the cradle and the pellets drop into the chute which sits atop the wire lid and holds the pellet in place until the mouse takes it.

Dustless Precision Pellets®

If you’re looking for a quality pellet for research studies requiring precision feeding, consider using Bio-Serv’s Dustless Precision Pellets. The pellets are nutritionally balanced and virtually dust-free, resulting in hassle-free performance in automatic feeders. They are available in both grained-based and purified formulations, and in banana and chocolate flavors. Sizes range from 20 mg to 1 gram. Nutritional assays and chemical screens are provided to ensure product consistency. The 20 mg and 25 mg pellets can be used in our feeders.

Bio-Serv’s Dustless Precision Pellets are rigorously tested for hardness, weight and height, and are manufactured in a GMP environment that guarantees they will meet your requirements time after time. Test substances can be added and you can choose from a wide variety of custom flavors, colors and formulations. 20 mg and 45 mg pellets can be shipped swiftly at unbeatable prices!