ECG Analysis Module


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LabScribe ECG Analysis Module

iWorx LabScribe ECG Software Module is a powerful and user-friendly tool

intended to automate the analysis of ECG data from a variety of


  • Measure R-R, PR, QT, QR and QTc intervals, QRS, T, P and TP durations, P, Q, R, S, T amplitudes and ST elevation, etc…
  • Specific analysis templates are included to accurately delineate PQRST onset, durations and amplitudes
  • Custom templates can also be created based on unique ECG profiles and saved to a library for future use
  • Beat averaging and classification
  • Outlier removal based on abnormal R-R intervals, heart rate, noise and activity
  • Easily extract source data and average data as images or text files
  • Plug and play compatible with all iWorx data acquisition
  • Optional ASCII Text Import Module is also available that enables
    import of ECG data in text or edf format that was recorded by any other
    acquisition program

Heart Rate Variability

Kubios HRV – Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software

is an advanced tool for studying the variability of heart beat

intervals. Data can be exported from LabScribe using the edf export

option and then imported into Kubios HRV for analysis.

LabScribe Import Module

The iWorx ASCII Import Module enables import of data in text format that

was recorded in any other data acquisition program. The module also

allows the researcher to use the analysis functions in LabScribe

software on data they may have previously recorded with a different