Four Channel Transducer Interface with DIN8 female input connectors


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The IA-400D is a signal conditioner for iWorx-brand transducers that
provides four channels of excitation power, gain, and noise filtration.
It exhibits low system noise and offset, making it suitable for use with
high resolution data acquisition systems.


Each channel of the IA-400D has a switch to allow selection of either
a 40 Hz or 10 kHz low pass filter. This makes the IA-400D an ideal
solution for conditioning signals from low-bandwidth transducers such as
those used to measure blood pressure or force as well as those
applications requiring wider bandwidth.

When used with the C-ISO-256 , the IA-400D can be used to measure Biopotentials such as ECG, EMG etc. from humans.

Gain Control

Gain control on the IA-400D is very straightforward. A programming
resistor in the DIN-8 connector is used to set the gain. iWorx
transducers set the IA-400D gain to the optimal value for a given
measurement. However, this does not limit the IA-400D to use with iWorx
transducers. Many non-iWorx transducers, can be modified to work with
the IA-400D.


The IA-400D is an inherently low offset device. This, together with
the low offsets characteristic of bridge-style transducers and the high
resolution of the iWorx data acquisition systems dramatically minimizes
the need for offset control. The IA-400D user experience is simplified
as a result.

The IA-400D is packaged in a low profile enclosure that provides both
durability and noise immunity. The device has a small foot print
measuring just 6.2 in. x 5.3 in. x 2.3 in. (17.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 6cm)and
multiple units are easily stacked to save bench space.

Interfacing to other Transducers:

iWorx provides various adaptor cables for connecting your transducer. Take a look at he various standard interface cable options. For example: The C-DIN-GRASS-F cable can be used to interface with the Grass FT-03 or FT-10 force transducers.

Power Supply: A-UP12-DC-25-1.5A

17.5 cm W, 13.5 cm D, and 6 cm H