Galvanic Skin Response Amplifier with Finger Electrodes


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The GSR-200 is an inexpensive GSR measurement device for classroom or
laboratory use. It draws its power from any iWorx data acquisition
device or standard transducer amplifier.

The GSR-200 functions by passing a small constant voltage across the
skin and then measuring changes in resistance that may occur. The
GSR-200 is shipped with a set of finger electrodes and a lab manual for
galvanic skin response experiments.

GSR-200 Specifications

Input Impedance: 0 GW

Input Connector: ±BNC

Working Voltage: 200 mV

Output Connector: DIN 8

Bandwidth: DC to 3 Hz

Power: ±from amplifier via DIN 8

Working Voltage: 200 mV

Output Voltage Swing: +/- 4.0 V

Dimensions: 2.5 in w x 5 in. L x 2.0 in. H

Noise: 1.0 mV p-p