Gen. Bio. Add-On Set for the HK-TA Human Physiology Teaching Kit


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The GBH-TA General Biology Add-On Set for the HK-TA Human Physiology
Teaching Kit provides the components necessary to conduct 5 experiments
and 18 exercises in ecology and 5 experiments and 19 exercises in
cellular metabolism.

Ecology experiments include ecological balance, acid rain, biological buffers, membrane permeability, and water quality.

Cellular metabolism experiments include CO2 fixation, mitometabolism, mitorespiration, O2 consumption, and photosynthesis.

These Lab Exercises can be performed with the GBH-TA addon.

Cellular Metabolism

CM-01: Oxygen Consumption and Size

CM-03: Mitochondrial Respiration

CM-04: Photosynthesis

CM-05: CO2 Fixation

CM-07: Oxygen Consumption and Aerobic Respiration

General Biology

GB-01: Biological Buffers

GB-02: Membrane Permeability

GB-03: Water Quality

GB-04: Ecological Balance

GB-05: Acid Rain

GB-06: Conductivity of Solutions

Human Kidney

HK-02: Kidney Diffusion and Conductivity

The GBH-TA includes:

  • ISE-100 pH Probe
  • CM-100 Conductivity Meter
  • RPC-100 Respiration and Photosynthesis Chamber
  • ISE-730 Oxygen Electrode (Clark Style)
  • Courseware and Cables