High Pressure OEM Syringe Pump Modules


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use of microprocessor technology.

  • Easy to incorporate legendary syringe pump technology into your equipment
  • Ideal high force syringe pump for do-it-yourselfers and OEM equipment designers
  • Precisely dispenses volumes at high pressure
  • Smooth flow
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Three modes of operation:
    • Constant flow rate
    • Volume dispense
    • Programmable
  • Quantity discounts available on request

The High Pressure Programmable Pump Module model provides full programmability along with Infuse/Withdraw capability. This unit is designed to operate inside an enclosure, cabinet, or on top of a bench. The board may be removed for “remote” operation.

Pressure and Speed
The High Pressure Pump Module can deliver up to 220.82ml/minute with a single 140ml syringe. Maximum pressure is dependent on syringe size. Drive produces >200 lbs linear force.

Infusion and Refill Rates
Specify independent rates for infusing and refilling. This allows a slow infusion rate then a fast refill.

Target Volume
Specify the volume that is to be infused or refilled. The pump will run at the rate specified until this volume has been delivered when in the Volume mode.

Auto Fill
Auto Fill automatically activates an externally attached solenoid (refer to Appendix L for part number) and refills the syringe when it is empty. This permits infusions to be virtually independent of syringe capacity.

Modes of Operation
(Set for pump mode, can be changed thru RS-232)
Pump: Runs continuously in the infuse or refill directions until stopped.
Volume: Runs until a specified volume has been pumped or refilled.
Program: Pump operates according to specified sequence of instructions.
(Note: All modes interact with Auto Fill)

External Connections User I/O
Allows pump operations to be synchronized with external devices or by a person at a distance from the pump. Connector pins are available to control direction of pump travel to control an external valve for refilling, and for general use. A simple contact closure to ground or TTL level signals may be used for inputs.

Multiple pumps can be ‘daisy chained’ together and remotely controlled from a computer or any device communicating via RS-232.

Stall Detection
An optical detector is used to verify expected movement of the motor. If the motor is prevented rfom turning due to jamming or excessive back pressure, the pump will stop.

Program Storage
Programmable model can store up to 4 sets of 9 program sequences for later selection.

Infuse Rate
The Infuse Rate is the rate of pumping while infusing in the Pump or Volume modes.

Target Volume
The Target Volume is the volume that you desire to deliver at the set Infuse or Refill Rate.

Auto Fill
When set to ‘ON’, the syringe is assumed to be empty. Auto Fill continuously monitors the volume of the syringe according to the volume pumped. When the pump determines that the syringe is empty, the operation in progress is suspended and Auto Fill is activated. The pumping direction is then reversed and the pump runs at the refill rate.

Program Description
The programming functions of this pump provide powerful capabilities for advanced experiments. While in program mode this pump can perform the following tasks at a predetermined time or when prompted by a signal from an external device:

  • Start or stop pumping
  • Change pumping direction (infuse-withdraw)
  • Change flow rates
  • pump a precise volume and stop
  • Pause operation
  • Ramp up or down flow rates

In program mode the above tasks can be linked together into powerful programs to simplify your automation projects.

This Pump Module is supplied complete with the following
Component Quantity
Main Unit 1
Motor/Encoder Extension Cable, 6 ft. 1
DC Power Extension Cable, 6 ft. 1
RS-232 Cable 1

70-2202 High Pressure Syringe Pump Module

Specifications 70-2202
# of Syringes 1
Accuracy ±0.5
Average Linear Force 200 lbs
Cable Length English 6 in
Communications DC Power 4-pin Header (Friction Lock – Molex or AMP)
RS-232 4-pin RJ-11 Telephone Jack
User I/O 9-pin D-Sub Female
Control Board Mounting Holes Mounting holes for (4) #6 screws
Control Board Mounting Length English 4.5 in
Control Board Mounting Length Metric 11.43 cm
Control Board Mounting Width English 7 in
Control Board Mounting Width Metric 17.78 cm
Depth English 11.875
Depth Metric 30.2
Display Optional 2×20 Line VFD (p/n 2400-235)
Drive: Control Constant Current (Chopper) Drive, 2A per phase (max.), microstepping (from 1/2 to 1/32)
Drive: Lead Screw Pitch 24 threads per inch
Drive: Ratio 2:1 (1:2 optional)
Environmental Humidity 20 to 80% RH non-condensing
Environmental Operating Temperature Metric 0 to +35 C
Flow Rate Maximum 220.82 ml/min
Flow Rate Minimum 0.001 ul/min
Height English 6.625 in
Height Metric 16.8 cm
Keypad Optional (p/n 2400-252)
Motor 1.8 deg
Mounting Holes Mounting holes for (4) #8 screws
Mounting Length English 11.375 in
Mounting Length Metric 28.9 cm
Mounting Width English 5 in
Mounting Width Metric 12.7 cm
Net Weight English 8.5 lb
Net Weight Metric 3.86 kg
Pump Function Infuse/Withdraw
Pusher Travel Rate Maximum 190.676 mm/min
Pusher Travel Rate Minimum 0.18 mm/min
RS-232 RS-232
Reproducibility ±0.1
Step Rate Maximum 416.7 sec/step
Step Rate Minimum 27.3 step/sec
Syringe Size Maximum 140 ml
Syringe Size Minimum 0.5 ul
Voltage Range (+)12 to +40VDC,
Width English 5.5 in
Width Metric 14 cm