Invertebrate Physiology Transducer Set


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iWorx Invertebrate Add-On Transducer Set for the HK-TA Human Physiology Teaching Kit provides everything needed for the following Invertebrate physiology experiments:

  • Crayfish Heart
  • Byssal Retractor Muscle
  • Crayfish Gut Pharmacology
  • Crayfish Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Cockroach Leg Mechanoreceptors
  • Osmoregulation

Action Potentials in Earthworm

The following Animal Physiology Experiments can also be performed with this kit.

  • Frog Electrocardiogram
  • Compound Action Potentials
  • Neuromuscular Studies

The IS-TA Invertebrate Add-on Transducer Set includes:

  • FT-302 Force Transducer
  • NBC-402 Nerve Bath Chamber
  • C-BNC-N2 Stimulator Cable – BNC to Dual Gold needle electrode
  • C-ISO-N3 Recording Cable – 3 Lead Pin to 1 inch gold plated needles
  • C-ISO-F3 Flexible Silver Wire Electrodes
  • Dissection Kit
  • Courseware