ISOLATION CUBICLE, TALL (ID: 23″ W X 17.74″ D X 24″ H)


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The H10-24T is similar to the H10-24 standard isolation with very high-density, monolithic rigid foam walls except it is not as wide and is taller. These cubicles are typically used with systems where cameras need to be mounted on top of the cage. The additional height provides ample room to accommodate the camera mount. This cubicle is equipped to mount one environment connection board, ECB, on the back wall for connecting the Stimulus and Response modules and the Habitest Linc control cables. There is an exhaust fan in the center of the rear wall. The fan is powered by 28 volts from the control interface.

Inside Dimensions: 23 in. (58.42 cm) wide x 24 in. (60.69 cm) high x 17.74 in. (45.06 cm) deep
Outside Dimensions: 24 in. (60.69 cm) wide x 25.725 in. (65.34 cm) high x 20.5 in. (52.07 cm) deep