IX-400 4,8,16 Ch Single Ended Recorders


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The iWorx 400 Series recorders are economical, high performance four, eight or sixteen channel data recorders for use with a broad range of analog amplifiers. The recorders offer 16-bit resolution at a maximum data collection speed of 10 kHz, making them appropriate for most research applications.

The included LabScribe software allows “one-click” control of the entire acquisition process, plus a large library of standard analytical functions to process data. The 400 series recorders are powered via a USB interface to any Macintosh or PC, eliminating the need to install special interface cards. Users are typically recording and analyzing signals within minutes of installation.


  • IX-404: 4 channel recorder.
  • IX-408: 8 channel recorder.
  • IX-416: 16 channel recorder.
iWorx Amplifiers compatible with the IX-400 series
4 channel signal conditioner
2 channel versatile signal conditioner
Sensors with a BNC output
Patellar Reflex Hammer with a BNC connector
Pulse Plethysmograph (Piezo Crystal) with BNC connector
Respiration Monitor (piezo crystal) with BNC Connector
Respiration Monitor (piezo crystal) with BNC Connector (Animal)
Pulse Oximeter with BNC outputs – finger sensor included

Analog Inputs 4, 8 or 16
Input Impedance 1M Ohm
Input Range +10 VDC
Noise <1mV
Stimulator Output 408,416 only
Range + 10V
Resolution 16 bit
Speed 10,000 simultaneously (404)
100,000 aggregate (408, 416)
Stimulation Protocols Pulse, Train, Step, DC, Ramp, Triangle
Digital Input/Output
Digital Inputs 4
Digital Outputs 4
Connector DB9
Enclosure Plastic
Interface USB
Certification CE
Power 5VDC 2.6A (IX-408 & IX-416)
USB (IX-404)
Warranty and Upgrades Protected by a 3 year warranty
Software LabScribe
Part Numbers IX-404, IX-408, IX