IX-EEG 10-20 system EEG Recorder


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24 Ch. Recorder (19 EEG, 2 Bio, 1 GSR, 1 event marker)

The EEG system consists of the IX-EEG recorder and the LabScribe acquisition and analysis software, including the EEG analysis module.

The IX-EEG is a 24 Channel Recorder for measuring 20 channels of EEG, two Bio Potential Channels, a GSR Channel and an Event Marker simultaneously from a single human subject.

The EEG is recorded using a 10-20 system EEG cap with Silver-SilverChloride electrodes. The recorder is furnished with LabScribe3 Software with the EEG Analysis Module and connects directly to a USB port on either a Macintosh or Windows computer. The EEG and GSR electrodes are connected to the subject by snap-leads to pre-gelled Ag/AgCl electrodes.

The IX-EEG requires an EEG cap such as : A-EEG-CAPSYS.