Metabolic Cart for Human VO2 max Measurement


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The MC-TA-200V system is suitable for recording and measuring:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
  • Sedentary to light activity VO2 and VCO2
  • VO2 Max

The system includes:

  • GA-200 CO2 and O2 Gas Analyzer
  • A-CAL-150 Gas Analyzer Calibration Kit
  • IX-TA-220 TA Control Module with 2 iWire Digital Interfaces and Built-in Low and High Voltage Stimulators
  • A-FH-1000 Resuable 1000L Spirometry Flow Head
  • A-CBT-1011 Clean Bore Tubing
  • PHRMP-220 Polar(R) Heart Rate Monitor Transmitter/Receiver Set
  • A-ST-600 Replacement Silicon Tubing for 300L and 1000L Flow Heads
  • A-GAK-201s Face Mask, Head Gear Assembly and non-rebreathing valve
  • A-GAA-MC 5-Liter Mixing Chamber
  • LS-20MC LabScribe2 Software with Metabolic Calculations Module