Model 1950 Off-Plane Insertion Tool


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Model 1950 Off-Plane Insertion Tool is designed for angular presentations, offering two additional axes of manipulation when used in combination with a Kopf 1900 series micro manipulator.

Coronal Angle – 0-45° Dorsal Angle – ±90°
Z2 Axial movement – 25 mm
Linear movement minimum division – .010 mm
Coronal Angle minimum division – 1.0°

The coronal arch (A-axis) has repeatable pin index positions every 5°. A large knurled locking screw provides locking at subsequent positions anywhere along the arch. The coronal arch may be rotated about the vertical axis ±90° with repeatable pin index positions every 15° to create the compound angles of both coronal and dorsal presentations.

The sterotaxic holder is advanced via the axial slide “Z2”. The “Z2”
slide is a precision dovetail slide with calibrated dial. Dial is calibrated in .010 mm increments with .50 mm per revolution.

Kopf traditional stereotaxic holders are used for use with Model 1950
Off-Plane Insertion Tool. Unit does not include stereotaxic holders.