Nat’l. Inst. NI DAQ v7.0 Compatible Human Physiology Kit


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The HK-400D-NI is an ideal solution for biomedical engineering
programs where basic human physiology and virtual instrument design are
the priorities. For physiology course basics, the LabScribe software and
NI recorders provide a rapid access, zero programming solution to
acquiring and displaying basic physiological data. In other sections of
the course, the same amplifiers and myDAQ can be used with National
Instrument’s powerful LabView programming environment for the creation
of virtual instruments.

The HK-400D-NI includes:

  • LabScribeNI™ Data Recording Software for National Instruments myDAQ and other NI recorders
  • IA-400D 4 Channel Amplifier
  • C-ISO-256 3-lead isolated Biopotential recording isolated preamplifier
  • SP-304 Spirometer
  • FT-325 Hand Dynamometer
  • PT-104 Pulse Plethysmograph
  • EM-100 Event Marker
  • BP-600 Blood Pressure Cuff
  • A-GC-7165 150 Pre-Gelled Ag/AgCl Electrodes
  • Web Ready iWorx Courseware

Optional Add-On Sets:

  • Chemistry Transducer Set
  • Physics Transducer Set
  • Animal Physiology Transducer Set
  • Psychological Physiology Teaching Set
  • Neurobiology Teaching Set
  • Exercise Physiology Teaching Set
  • Invertebrate Transducer Set
  • Extracellular Teaching Set
  • Reflex Set
  • General Biology Teaching Set