Neurobiology add-on set for AHK-TA


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The NS-AHKTA add-on kit enables users of iWorx AHK-TA
Combination Animal/Human Physiology Teaching kit to teach 7 experiments
and 28 exercises for animal neurobiology.

The NS-AHKTA kit includes:

  • GN-100 Goniometer
  • IC-200 Intracellular Probe
  • NBC-402 Dual Nerve Bath Chamber
  • PRH-200 Patellar Reflex Hammer
  • A-SUCTIONELEC Suction Electrode
  • C-ISO-SUCTION Suction Electrode Cable
  • C-ISO-GNE5 Five Grass Platinum Needle Electrodes
  • C-MP-H2 Monopolar extracellular hook electrode
  • C-BNC-P2 Cable -BNC to Dual Female Pin
  • C-ISO-FP5 Cable for Connecting the iWire-B3g to the NBC-402
  • Courseware