Open Field-Convertible Enclosure – White


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Ideal for testing emotionality and the evolution of basal activity, the Open Field – Convertible Enclosure tracks the animal’s response to environmental modifications. With a variety of color options and surface textures. San Diego Instruments (SDI) designed its Open Field – Convertible Enclosure so it can quickly be changed from four arenas to a single large arena, fitting a wide range of experiments. SDI’s Open Field – Convertible Enclosure is uniquely designed to be easy to use, clean and transport, as well as highly versatile. Backed by a one-year warranty and our first-rate customer service, purchasing an Open Field – Convertible Enclosure from SDI guarantees you an exemplary product and ongoing support.



  • Solid color models in black, white or beige
  • Compatible with our ANY-maze video tracking system
  • Floor comes with one smooth and one textured side
  • Four enclosures or one large enclosure
  • Made of durable and easy to clean ABS plastic
  • Works for both Rats and Mice


Base: 109cm X 109cm

Wall Height: 100cm x 100cm

Inside chamber footprint: 100cm x 100cm

Inside quadrant footprint: 50cm x 50cm