Pulse Plethysmograph (piezo crystal) with DIN connector


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The PT-104 plethysmograph with DIN connector for use with iWorx Computer Interfaces is a sensitive, rugged, non-magnetic sensor, ideal for classroom use. Its small in size and plugs directly into any recorder input, requiring no auxiliary power. When used as a pulse sensor, the PT-104 produces a signal from which rates and relative pressure information can be computed. The real-time integral of this signal is identical to volume pulse signals recorded with more expensive infrared pulse plethysmographs.

Applications include measurement of peripheral pressure pulses and Korotkoff sounds and small animal respiratory activity.

PT-104 Specifications
Typical Pulse Output 100 mV amplitude
Frequency Response ±0/1 to 750 Hz
Dimensions 0.86 in Dia. x 0.35 in. H
Lab Exercises
HC-01: Blood Pressure, Peripheral Circulation and Body Position
HC-02: Blood Pressure, Peripheral Circulation and Imposed Conditions
HC-03: Pulse Wave Velocity
HC-04: Pulse Contour Analysis
HC-05: Body Position, Exercise and Cardiac Output
HE-01: Metabolism and Thermal Response to Exercise
HE-02: Recovery from Exercise
HH-01: Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Peripheral Circulation
HH-03: Exercise, the ECG and Peripheral Circulation
HH-05A: The Diving Reflex
HH-05B: The Diving Reflex with Respiration rate
HH-12: Pulse and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
HN-02B: Stretch Receptors and Reflexes with Plethysmograph
HN-08: Game Show Physiology
HP-05A: Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
HP-05B: Personality and Vagal Tone
HP-05C: Vigilance and Reaction Time
HP-06: Cynicism-Hostility and the Hot Reactor
HP-07: The Stroop Effect
HP-08: The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Investigation into Cheating
HP-12: Rubber Hand Illusion
HP-14: Hypothesis-driven Biofeedback Lab/Research Study
HS-04: Lung Volumes and Heart Rate
HS-05: Breathing Techniques and Heart Rate
TT-02: Tutorial with pulse