Recording Cable – 3 Lead Pin to 1 inch gold plated needles. Replaced with the C-ISO-PN3


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Discontinued!!! Replaced with the C-ISO-PN3
Platinum needle electrodes.

Set of Three Gold Subdermal Needle Electrodes (48 inches).
15mm length. The C-ISO-N3 is a set of three color-coded lead wires
with Gold Subdermal Needle electrodes for recording biopotentials
from animal tissues. The lead wires have colored
safety connectors for use with the inputs of the standard C-AAMI
recording cable included in iWorx teaching kits. The other end of each
lead wire has a stiff
Gold Subdermal Needle electrode (15mm long). These electrodes are
used for recording from preparations like the earth-
worm ventral nerve cord or the cockroach leg.
These electrodes are also available in a color-coded set
of 3:

Orders for the C-ISO-N3 will be replaced with C-ISO-PN3