Reflex Add on Set for the HK-TA


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The RS-HKTA allows users of iWorx RS-HKTA Advanced Physiology
Teaching Kit to study reflexes. The add-on set supports several
teaching exercises, including:

  • HM-05:
    Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • HM-06:
    Stimulation of Antagonistic Muscles
  • HM-07:
    Electromyogram (EMG) Activity in Antagonistic Muscles and Range of
  • HN-02A:
    Stretch Receptors and Reflexes with Reflex Hammer

The RS-HKTA includes:

  • RPD-400
    4 Button Response Pad
  • GN-100
    Single-Axis Goniometer with 6” arm
  • PRH-100
    Patellar Reflex Hammer with a BNC connector
  • BCL-100 Bi-Color
    LIght source
  • FRS-220
    Foot Reaction Switch with Phono Connector for use with