Sleeve Electrode


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Sleeve Electrode

Also referred to as A-SE-100.

The C-BNC-SE is a stimulating electrode assembly that can be placed on

a nerve that is still located within the experimental animal.

The probe, with its two silver wire electrodes, is held on the nerve by

a soft plastic sleeve that presses the nerve against

the electrodes for improved conductivity. This type of

electrode allows studies involving nerves and muscles to be conducted

on sensitive tissue without the need for traumatic removal

of the tissue from the specimen

How It Works

The C-BNC-SE sleeve electrode assembly has two main

components. An electrode assembly with a two silver

electrodes that ring either end of the probe; and a sleeve that is

placed around the nerve to hold the electrodes against the nerve when

the sleeve is slid over the electrodes. The stimulating

current easily flows from the electrode connected to the positive

stimulator output to the electrode connected to the negative stimulator

output. When the current flowing between the electrodes is

high enough to raise the membrane potential of an axon above its

threshold voltage, the axon will develop an action potential.

Ultimately, the action potential moves down the axon and causes the

release of neurotransmitter that causes a change in the membrane

potential of the muscle cell on the other side of the synapse and a

muscle fiber contraction. Put together a group of axons stimulated

through the A-SE-100 at the same time, and more muscle fibers contract

to create a larger muscle contraction