Small Animal 12 Lead ECG Recorder system with LabScribe ECG analysis Software


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The IX-ECG12-SA system is optimized for measuring small animal ECG.

The IX-ECG12-SA system includes:

  • IX-ECG12 recorder
  • 10 x C-ISO-GNE: a set of 10 platinum needle electrodes.
  • LabScribe ECG Analysis module

The iWorx 12 lead ECG recorder enables accurate and reliable ECG
analysis of resting and exercising humans or animals. Measuring all 12
ECG leads simultaneously, this compact and lightweight PC-based ECG
recorder enables highly detailed analysis of the anterior, lateral and
inferior regions of the heart. The IX-ECG12 connects to and is powered
by a USB port on any Windows or Macintosh computer. Data is recorded
and analyzed with iWorx advanced LabScribe ECG Software Module.

Heart Rate Variability Kubios HRV – Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software
is an advanced tool for studying the variability of heart beat
intervals. Data can be exported from LabScribe using the edf export
option and then imported into Kubios HRV for analysis.

Analog Inputs 10 Electrodes: RA,LA,RL,LL,V1,V2,V3,V4,V5
Input Range 2400mV, 1200mV, 800mV,
400mV, 200mV, 100mV,
50mV, 25mV, 12mV
A/D Converter
Sampling Speed 20k Samples/sec per channel simultaneous
Resolution 16 Bit
System noise < 6 microVolts
Interface USB
Enclosure Plastic
Power USB
Warranty and Upgrades Protected by a 3 year warranty

Optional Accessories

  • Temperature Controller with Heated Bed.


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