T MAZE – Beige – Rat



Ideal for spatial learning or preference tasks, the T-maze structure allows animals to select between two arms based on memory or reward. San Diego Instruments (SDI) also offers a water tight MOUSE T-maze. Including removable doors, and a variety of additional color options, SDI’s T-maze adjusts to fit a wide range of experiments. SDI’s T-maze is uniquely designed to be easy to use, clean and transport, as well as highly versatile.


  • Rat and mouse models
  • Compatible with our LimeLight video tracking system
  • Solid color model (black, white or beige) or clear wall model (for use with external cues)
  • Interchangeable plain and pellet holed floors-dry maze only
  • Manual doors to block upper arms for both dry and water tight maze
  • Base leg starter door included for dry T-maze
  • Made of durable and easy to clean ABS plastic of acrylic
T Maze Dimensions

A 24″ 36″
B 3″ 4″
C 10.5″ 16″
D 15″ 22″
E 5″ 10″
F 3.5″ 7″
G .75″ DIA. x .5″ DEEP 1″ DIA. x .75″ DEEP

Water Tight T-Maze Dimensions

A 24″
B 3″
C 10.5″
D 15″
E 12″
F 3.5″