Invo Research Optogenetics is a relatively newer technique that is starting to become more mainstream and the possibilities are immeasurable. This type of research is allowing researchers the ability to turn specific neuronal circuits on and off by using light delivered through optical fibers. These light sources can be delivered to varying locations, such as the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nervous system. Using PlasticsOnes Optogenetic Cannula System will help the researcher making delivery of the optic fibers to the neurons more accurate.

The PlasticsOne Optogenetic Cannula System consists of four main parts:

Guide cannula
(single or double) that is implanted into the animal and used to guide the fiber optic internal cannula/housing to a specified depth.
Internal cannula
which delivers the fiber optics to specific sites and depths within the brain or spinal cord.
Fiber Cap
That can be screwed over the guide and internal cannula/housing to keep the fiber in place.
Dummy cannula
that is inserted into the guide to protect the brain when there isn’t fiber optic activation or inactivation taking place.

Other accompanying PlasticsOne parts, such as mounting screws, screwdrivers, mounting holders, drill bits, and drill holders, complete the system. Optogenetics Catalog

To accommodate all animal sizes, PlasticsOne offers varying pedestal heights and multiple gauge sizes to fit each researcher’s needs and specifications. They offer them in a wide range of customized lengths that work in small animals like neonatal mice, and also in large animals such as non-human primates. Being made with stainless steel or non-metallic materials such as PEEK, Teflon, and fused silica glass are also available upon request.

For those researchers interested in doing specialized work in two areas of the brain or body, PlasticsOne offers Double, or Bilateral, Optogenetic Cannulas. The cannulas are cut to each researcher’s predetermined coordinates and are customized during the ordering process. The center-to-center distance between each cannula can also be customized. Predetermined distances are available, but if a specific distance isn’t listed on the website, PlasticsOne customer service representatives will help to create a solution.