Blood Pressure Transducer System

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  • The BP-102 Blood Pressure Transducer System with integral 3cc flush device and stopcock.
  • The BP-102 Blood Pressure Transducer can be used to measure direct arterial or venous pressure in animals.
  • A precision laser-trimmed chip provides accurate and linear measurements over a broad range. The BP-100 requires either a signal conditioner or an iWorx computer interface with a transducer input.

Accessories :

  • Blood Pressure Analysis Module
  • A-PE-50 : PE-50 tubing, fits 22ga, .023x.038in
  • A-BNL-22: 22guage Blunt needle with Luer connector
  • BP-CalKit: Calibration kit for the BP-100
BP-102 Specifications
Operating Pressure0 to +300 mmHg
Over Pressure-500 to +500 mmHg
Sensitivity5 uV/V/mmHg
Excitation Voltage+/- 4 VDC
Temperature Effect+0.25 mmHg/degrees C
Input Impedance270 ohms to 400 ohms
Output Impedance270 ohms to 400 ohms
Operating Temp.15° C to 40° C
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