Flow Control Software for Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pumps

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FlowControl™ is an easy to use software program that is run on your PC. It is designed to work with key Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pumps that have an RS-232 or USB serial input including: PHD ULTRA™ and Pump 11 Elite Series of pumps.

Single or Multiple Pump Control FlowControl™ has the ability to control single or multiple pumps. Multiple pumps are controlled in a daisy chain or via USB hub. The number of pumps allowed in a daisy chain is dependent upon the model. Individual syringe pumps can be controlled by entering syringe data, flow rate and choosing a flow direction (infusion or withdrawal). Flow rate and flow direction can be changed while the pump is running.

FlowControl™ allows you to create, review, edit, save, recall and download Methods. You can create simple to complex Methods to control one or more pumps individually or simultaneously.

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