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FreezeFrame 4: Video System for Fear Conditioning – Tail Suspension – Porsolt Swim Test

FreezeFrame, the first video-based system for fear conditioning, has become the standard in its field. It combines the sensitivity of the human observer with the objectivity and high throughput of automation. While infrared beams can detect gross movements of an animal from one part of the cage to another, FreezeFrame can detect the minute movements of grooming, sniffing, turning and rearing. And FreezeFrame monitors the animal at up to 15 times per second, not once every 5 seconds, for far more objective and reproducible results. FreezeFrame can also collect and process data for learned helplessness experiments, including Tail Suspension and the Porsolt Forced Swim Test.

  • FreezeFrame now supports fear conditioning in optogenetic experiments
  • FreezeFrame now ships together with LimeLight at no extra cost. LimeLight is our general-purpose tracking program for Open Field, Plus Maze, Radial Arm Maze and Novel Object Recognition and WaterMaze. Together FreezeFrame and LightLight provide automated video tracking for a complete range of rodent behavioral experiments.
  • Complete systems available, including software, cameras, control interface, cages, isolation cubicles, shockers, audio amplifiers and cue and house lights.

Not a tracking system, but a proprietary motion detection algorithm filters out shadows, light flicker and camera noise, and detects movements as small as 1 mm.

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