Multi Channel Pump Heads - CA Models

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The CA pump heads for the MCP/BVP pump drives offer the widest flow rate range of any multi-channel pump head series available.

  • For use with MCP and BVP Pump Drive
  • Cassettes are included
  • Use CA Click ‘n’ Go Cassettes
  • Automatic pressure setting
  • Easy and rapid tube change-over; each channel separately, even while pump is running
  • 8 rollers
  • 4, 8, or 12 channels, each channel can take different tube sizes
  • Use 2-stop collared tubing 0.13 to 3.17 mm ID
  • 0.002 to 230 ml/min flow rate range

Other multi-channel pump heads include the MS/CA 4-12 and 8-6. The MS/CA 4-12 and 8-6 multi-channel pump head series offer 12 or 6 rollers, respectively, and stackable head assemblies that allow you to increase the number of tubing channels per pump drive.

Flow Rate0.002 to 230 ml/min0.002 to 230 ml/min0.002 to 230 ml/min
Number of Channels1284
Number of Rollers888
Tubing ID0.13 to 3.17 mm0.13 to 3.17 mm0.13 to 3.17 mm
Tubing Type2-stop collard tubing2-stop collard tubing2-stop collard tubing
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