Human Testing: Eyeblink Conditioning by San Diego Instruments

Human Testing: Eyeblink Conditioning by San Diego Instruments


Dimensions: 9.25” (W) x 9.375” (D) x 5.875” (H)
Weight: 4 lbs.
Maximum # Stations: 1
Standard Cable Length: 6 ft.
Stimuli Options: Tone, Air

Eyeblink Conditioning System

SDI’s portable eyeblink conditioning system offers exceptional ease of use while still achieving the most accurate results for your learning and behavioral research.

Designed as a portable, turnkey system, the eyeblink conditioning system ensures high quality data collection and analysis through its menu-driven software which connects through a simple USB interface. A comfortable headset supporting the sensor is designed to allow viewing of subject responses.

SDI’s Eyeblink Conditioning System (EBC) is used widely in basic learning studies, psychopharmacology research and the examination of the behavioral consequences of Alzheimer’s and other diseases. It is a complete, computer-integrated turn key testing unit that transports easily from laboratory to offsite test facilities. The eyeblink conditioning system employs a user-friendly integrated headset with a photoelectric cell to monitor the eyeblink reflex and an integrated air tube to deliver an air puff. A separate set of headphones is used to deliver the acoustic stimulus. 

Use your laptop by connecting through a standard USB interface—making your set up highly portable. The eyeblink conditioning system software not only executes a test session but provides scoring and reporting functions to make analysis simple.  In a continuous effort to make testing devices as flexible as possible, SDI has adapted the Eyeblink Conditioning System for use on rabbits and sheep.

Highlights of the Eyeblink Conditioning System Include:

No Technical Knowledge Required for Set Up
Your EBC connects to a laptop or PC through a standard USB interface—eliminating specialized interface cards and drivers that often required extensive technical knowledge to set up.

Comfortable Headset and Headphones Generate Best Quality Data
Administer low pressure air puffs and record eyeblink responses using EBC’s comfortable headset—which is designed to give you an unobstructed view of your subject’s eyeblink responses. The lightweight, comfortable headset works with a low power IR emitter/receiver that measures the amount of light reflected as the eyelid closes to provide a responsse, and an air puff tube used to deliver an unconditioned stimuls. You can move between the subject’s right and left eyes. To utilize an acoustic stimulus, use the equally comfortable headphones.

Menu Driven Software Makes Testing Easy
Construct session and trial definitions quickly and easily with the eyeblink conditioning system menu driven software. The software controls the stimuli, auditory and air puff and records all eyeblink data for you during all sessions. Complete response waveforms classified as ‘alpha, CS or US’ are made available in both on-screen displays and printed reports—and are automatically examined by the Special Analysis software for secondary peaks.

You will be able to define boundaries to identify alpha, CS and US responses and set the response amplitude threshold. After sessions are run, save any or all responses to composite secondary data files.

System Components Include:

  • Tactile Delivery & Photo Response Head Gear
  • Stimulus Module
  • Response Module
  • Eyeblink software
  • PC interface board
  • Calibrated Headphones
  • User manual
  • All cables and connectors
  • Eyeblink Visual Indicator (optional)


  • Transport the system anywhere using a laptop
  • Connect the device to your computer quickly and easily through a USB interface
  • Generate high quality data with headset and headphones designed for comfort and visual monitoring of responses
  • Score and report session data with the click of a button


Additional Components Available for Purchase:

Portable Air Puff Unit

Adding the Portable Air Puff Unit with its built in compressor eliminates the need for an air tank, creating a fully portable system. You will simultaneously enhance safety as the compressor does not exceed 15 psi and long duration air puffs are prevented.

Visual Indicator Unit
Videotape trials and see your subject’s reaction to the auditory and air puff stimuli using the EBC Visual Indicator Unit, which fully integrates with the EBC software.

The EBC Visual Indicator Unit is placed near the subject during testing. It will show the Trial Number (in the LCD counter) for each test, and indicate when the acoustic stimulus and air puff stimulus are delivered by turning on/off an LED.

When your tests are complete, you can study the data collected by the software in combination with the videotape to see when the subject responded to auditory and air puff stimuli.