Place Preference Enclosure

Place Preference Enclosure

Place Preference Enclosure

The Place Preference Enclosure is used for various types of animal research studies, and often used along with a video tracking system such as SDI's ANY-maze video tracking system. Designed to offer you the greatest in flexibility, the Place Preference Enclosure is available in either a two-compartment or three-compartment model. Importantly, the San Diego Instruments place preference enclosure allows you to create and use customized cues and flooring for a wide variety of behavioral testing experiments. 


  • The place preference enclosure is available in a two-compartment or three-compartment model 
  • Create customized visible cues with externally placed colors or patterns using your own supplies
  • Create customized tactile cues by changing the floor type or texture



Two-Compartment or Three-Compartment
Overall Dimensions (ID): 27“ W X 8.3“ D X 14.5” H

Two- Compartment
End Chambers (ID): 13.375” W X 8.3” D X 13.125” H

End Chamber (ID): 10.75” W X 8.3” D X 13.125” H
Center Chamber (ID): 5.5” W X 8.3” D X 13.125” H


8 pounds

Material Composition

Acrylic Walls and Tops
ABS Floors