Freeze Monitor
Study cued and contextual fear conditioning using the system that provides unparalleled accuracy and ease of use.

SDI’s Freeze Monitor allows you to run up to four independently-starting test stations from your computer using one USB port. Your tests will provide highly accurate data thanks to the tightly spaced 16×16 photobeam array design, along with the ability to pre-define your test sessions—eliminating run time errors.

San Diego Instruments: GEMINI™
Conduct learning and memory studies with unparalleled reliability and accuracy

The GEMINI active and passive avoidance system is uniquely designed to ensure accuracy, reliability and ease of use in your learning and memory studies.

The system will connect to your computer through a standard USB connection, requiring no special training or technical expertise. Once setup is complete, run a wide range of avoidance tests with GEMINI’s flexible hardware and software features, including setting up your entire active avoidance or passive avoidance study in advance, saving all data in a single file, and the ability to run stations independently which allows for continuous testing.

Habitest Modular System by Coulbourn Instruments

HABITEST is designed to make it possible to implement most behavioral test protocols in a single system of modular test arenas using modular stimulus and response devices. HABITEST applications span the behavioral gamut, including mazes and runways, operant conditioning, spatial activity, ergometry, active and passive avoidance, fear conditioning, place preference, feeding and drinking and many more.