Exercise Physiology

iWorx offers over 50 experiments and 175 exercises in metabolic, cardiovascular and neuromuscular physiology, as well as all of the components and professionally developed courseware you need to conduct the labs.

“iWorx systems have been used in our lab to measure vascular contractility in isolated arteries, cardiac performance in isolated perfused hearts, conduction velocity in ulnar nerves after fatiguing exercise, and excess post exercise oxygen consumption in swim trained athletes as well as ventilation and respiratory quotient in athletes in response to postural changes in water, upper and lower body swim training, cold water exposure, and core body strength training.  Students have found the systems easy to calibrate and reliable. I have found the amplifiers nearly indestructible. The extensive array of parameters that can be evaluated with the systems affords greater opportunities for students to ask mechanistic questions and yet still propose projects of their own design.”

Dr. Laura Gray Malloy
Biology Department, Hartwick College

iWorx exercise physiology teaching kits include all of the components necessary to measure oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production in resting and exercising subjects, as well as the measurement of blood pressure, cardiograms, myograms, encephalograms, reflex responses, spirometry and more.

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