Psychological Physiology

iWorx offers built-in experiments demonstrating essential concepts in psychological physiology, including electroencephalography, galvanic skin conductance, skin temperature control, heart rate and blood pressure control, vagal tone, and physiological responses to stressors.Ideal for courses: Biological Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuro Psychology, Research Methods.

iWorx Psychological Physiology Teaching Solutions provide everything you need to perform professionally developed experiments and exercises demonstrating essential concepts in psychological physiology, including:

  • Hemispheric EEG
  • GSR
  • ECG and Blood Pressure
  • Stroop Test
  • Reflex Testing
  • Polygraph

Solutions are available in pre-configured kits or can be custom designed using iWorx unique LabsByDesignTM approach. With LabsByDesign, you choose only the psychological physiology lab experiments you want to teach and iWorx will configure the hardware and courseware you need for the specific experiments that meet your lab requirements.