ProCite (End of Support)

Support ended. Switching to EndNote opens up many new features not available in ProCite.

Search the Internet for References
Collect references from online and Web databases
Search PubMed and Internet libraries worldwide from ProCite. Export references directly from ISI Web of Science, Current Contents and Discovery Agent. Build your personal reference collection from hundreds of diskette, CD-ROM, Online and Web databases—reduce data entry.

Manage Your References
Organize your personal reference collection easily. 

Organize your data using standard Windows and Macintosh navigational tools in ProCite. Link to the World Wide Web and capture Web pages into your ProCite database. Locate references in seconds with powerful searching options, such as contains, empty/not empty and more. Save search expressions and re-use them later. Create reference groups to identify a specific subset of a database. Use seven pre-defined sorting options or create your own. Edit records individually or globally. Customize your reference list display—even preview a formatted reference.

Create Instant Bibliographies
Save time with New Cite While You Write™ features 

ProCite offers the most flexible and powerful way to cite references within your word processor. Format bibliographies for hundreds of journal styles, or create your own. Revise your manuscript as many times as needed—all within your word processor. Use subject lists to present data organized by author, keyword, or any other field.

Share References on a Network
Organize collections for a group of users
ProCite is also available as a network program. The network program is licensed based on either the number of workstations or on concurrent accesses to the program.


Search the Internet for References
 references from online and Web databases

Search PubMed and Internet libraries worldwide
Locate references on the Internet without ever leaving ProCite. Search PubMed and use automated links to return to the PubMed record. Choose from a list of over 200 Internet libraries (Z39.50 sites) and add new sites. Search hundreds of Internet libraries simultaneously. Save search strategies for easy updating.
Import text files from online, CD-ROM and other data services
ProCite captures data from hundreds of sources with the integrated BiblioLink utility. See a complete list of the data services that ProCite supports.
Web of Science® and Current Contents® Connect
ISI ResearchSoft and ISI team up to bring you an exclusive level of import capability with the Web of Science (citation database), Current Contents Connect (current awareness database) and Discovery Agent (personal alerting service). Simply select the references you want, and automatically export them into ProCite.
Capture references from the World Wide Web directly to your collection.
See a Web page that you would like to capture for your reference collection? Only ProCite for Windows captures the URL and the page’s title information and stores it in your reference collection (with Netscape or Internet Explorer for Windows). Then use the Express Paste feature to copy text information from the Web page directly into the ProCite record. But that’s not all. When a ProCite record contains a URL address, simply highlight and launch Netscape or Internet Explorer to return to the Web page.

Manage Your References
 your personal reference collection easily

Link to the World Wide Web
Launch your Web browser from ProCite to link to full text articles or PubMed records on the Web! Even store the file path to OLE objects, such as chemical structures from ChemDraw, or other graphics and files. For example, a biochemist can link a single reference to the full text of articles or to other relevant files such as a chemical structure or protein sequence residing on the Web, a network or local drive. A simple click of the mouse launches the Web browser or appropriate application to display the Web page or file.
Search any way you like
Search your database with numerous operators which are not found in other programs. These include the relational operators: equal, not equal, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, begins with, ends with, exactly, contains, the logical operators: and, or, not, and/not, and the following special values: empty, not empty. ProCite properly recognizes parentheses and commas in search expressions.
Use advanced grouping options
Create reference groups to identify a specific subset of a database. Grouping lets you quickly access references not found with a single search.
Select pre-defined sorts or customize your own
ProCite has pre-defined seven of the most common sort orders for you. These are:
Author-Title/Title/Date (empty author field is replaced by title),
Call Number/Author/Date,
Record Number.
Simply select one for automatic sorting, or choose the Custom feature to create your own and sort up to six levels. 
Customize your reference list display
View the fields you want to see—even preview a formatted reference in your preferred output style. Arrange “Preview” and “Quick Search” panes for customized views and automatic retrievals. Click on column headings in your reference list to sort your database instantly. A second click reverses the order.
Advanced duplicate detection
ProCite’s sophisticated duplicate checking ensures the most effective level of detection. Identical references may slip into your databases with a single misplaced or misspelled character. With ProCite you can refine the process to find duplicates even if all characters are not identical (a versus ‘alpha’). Other software may not detect such references as duplicates.
39 Reference Types including new Electronic Reference Types – or create your own
ProCite includes 39 different reference types each with 45 fields. Take advantage of two Web reference types in ProCite, Web Page and E-Mail. These reference types contain fields such as sender’s and recipient’s e-mail addresses, and Web URL.
Powerful global editing
Edit references globally with exclusive append, find/replace, replace/clear, and move functions.
Windows 95/98/2000/NT4 functionality
ProCite is the foremost Windows application in the bibliographic management software category. Enjoy familiar functions including Drag and Drop, property sheets, common dialogs, Object Linking and Embedding, long filenames, toolbars and right mouse support.

Create Instant Bibliographies
time with New Cite While You Write™ features

Generate your manuscript and bibliography as a single document – in one step
ProCite offers the easiest, most flexible, and most powerful way to cite references from your word processor. You can cite your references one at a time or scan an entire document for identifying text – depending on how you like to work. Generate a bibliography and, voila!, your original document transforms into the final manuscript with in-text citations and a reference list formatted according to your selected output style. Revise as many times as needed. Now you can truly Cite While You Write.
Never leave your word processor to identify citations
With ProCite you work entirely within your word processor. This lets you concentrate on your writing while ProCite locates the correct citations – even across multiple databases – and inserts a place holder for you.
Word Processor Compatibility
Cite While You Write supports Microsoft Word for Windows 7, 97, 2000, and Corel WordPerfect for Windows 7, 8, 9, and Microsoft Word for the Macintosh 6.0.1, 98
Format bibliographies for hundreds of journal styles – or create your own
ProCite supports output styles for hundreds of journals. If you don’t see the name of the style you want to use, you can take a similar style and modify it with ProCite.
Create in-text citations as author/date or numbered
ProCite creates in-text citations as required by the output style for your manuscript. If the style calls for an author/date or numbered format, ProCite inserts these citations in your manuscript.
Revise your manuscript as many times as needed – even make complete style changes
With ProCite you can format your manuscript – complete with in-text citations – in the output style you want. If you later decide to submit the manuscript to another publication which uses a different output style, simply choose that style and let ProCite re-format the in-text citations and bibliography for you. This will save hours of time and eliminate errors.
Subject bibliographies
Prepare a summary of references fashioned with topic headings.  Select one or more fields to be your topic heading (keyword or author being the most popular choices). Then choose one or more items from these fields to include in a subject bibliography. You can even create a subject index to complement your subject bibliography.
Produce and preview formatted bibliographies within ProCite
ProCite lets you preview and produce formatted bibliographies for all your references or for a marked set, without going to your word processor first. You choose the output style, and format the document as you would like to see the information, including or excluding specific fields. ProCite automatically displays a Preview of the formatted file and lets you choose whether to create a file or send directly to a printer. Save the formatted bibliography in various formats for later use. Choose Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, ASCII text, or even HTML, for posting your bibliography to the Web.

Share references on a network
references for a group of users

Two Network license options

You and your colleagues can share databases with the network program. Multiple users can access the same database in read-only mode for searching and creating bibliographies. Editing functions are allowed to a single  user who accesses a database in read-write mode.

The network program is licensed based on either the number of workstations or on concurrent accesses to the program.

Store databases on either a network or workstation drive.

Network License Packs (Workstation License)

A workstation license provides each individual licensed user with access to ProCite at all times.

  • The workstation license also allows installation of the software on a notebook computer so each licensed user is able to work both at the office and when the computer is undocked, or portable

  • Purchase multiple 5-User Packs for larger groups.

Concurrent Network (Concurrent License)

A concurrent license allows for a limited number of simultaneous accesses to ProCite – via a network.

  • Economical choice to support a broad pool of users

  • Users run the program from a computer or workstation connected to the network

  • The suggested ratio of total number of users to concurrent licenses is 4:1 – one concurrent license to support four users

  • Concurrent use is governed by the network administrator and requires a local method of metering simultaneous access

  • Installation is restricted to a single network server where it is used solely as a server application

  • For pricing information for the ProCite Concurrent Network License, please contact Sales.

Network and workstation requirements
Review the system requirments for Windows and Macintosh